Values & Inclusion

Humans of HealthTech asks all attendees to commit to creating fun, welcoming and inclusive spaces. Spaces that make the event as accessible and comfortable as possible, and that foster compassionate innovation. Spaces where people with different experiences, backgrounds and bodies are all happily hanging out together. 

Our Code of Conduct covers a list of unacceptable behaviours that are not welcome at the event. In addition to that, we’ve detailed our inclusive space policies below. Because, ya know, to hammer home the point. 

Community values

We encourage attendees to actively work together to create spaces of compassion, empathy, sharing and learning. It is important not to ridicule others’ technical choices, knowledge and technical ability, technical and non-technical background, education attainment level, employment status and economic background. Just don't be kind basically. 


We will provide live-captioning throughout the event. Seating will be reserved for people with disabilities (with and without mobility devices). These seats will be alongside non-reserved seating. Service animals are welcome.

Accessible toilets (with the available facilities labelled) will be available at the event. Our venue also has gender-neutral toilets FYI.

The event venue is close to bus stops and numerous Underground stations with lifts. Visit Friends House for more information about the venue.

Designated accessibility volunteers will be available during the event. Should you need pre-planned support please contact




Humans of HealthTech strives to be an affordable event but we know that affordability is relative, particularly relative to what sort of employer you have. We offer subsidised tickets and a limited number of free tickets through our event partners. Sign up to be kept in the loop about when these tickets will be released. 


We aim to create a family-inclusive environment and our venue is open to all-ages. Babies and young people are free to express themselves. Parents or guardians are not judged for their approaches to caring for their children or parents.

Breastfeeding/nursing and pumping is welcome and encouraged. There are also private spaces available for this, but we ask if you require this, to drop us a message in advance at


Humans of HealthTech will offer free vegetarian meals to attendees during the event, with vegan and all other dietary requirements catered for. This information will be collected when you register. There will also be tea, coffee and drinks provided throughout. Alcohol will be available at different points during the event. We ask our attendees to drink responsibly. Alcohol consumption is not an excuse for violating our Code of Conduct.

Sponsors & Partners

Humans of HealthTech prioritises working with business (tech and non-tech), who prioritise diversity and representation in their teams, or who are actively working to improve this.

Media & Photography Consent

Pictures and visual and audio recordings of attendees will be taken, and we ask that you contact us if you wish for images that include you not to be used in the future for our own promotional purposes. We will respect individual speakers’ media consent.

If you have any questions, need further accommodations or help, please contact us at

Thank you

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