Open Source, Open Data, Open Practice

From open standards and open source, to open data and open minds, our openness theme will cover attitudes and strategies. How can we make data open in a sector with so much sensitive and private information? Are open source solutions a real option for health and care?  What does ‘open’ mean when it comes to the people and processes across government, the private sector and academia in the world of healthtech?

Better AI

Humans are biased – so what does that mean when these biases get codified in the technologies we build? How do we ensure health technologies are as fit for women as they are for men? What does explainability in health mean, and to whom? And how do we ensure groups who are under-recorded in datasets are not invisible to the healthcare system?

Communities and Capacity- building

How can we make better use of communities to co-design and develop solutions? How can we ensure patient communities are more systematically included and how can we use community-based models to develop the skills and capacity every healthcare organisation needs to thrive in the healthtech revolution?

Diversity & Inclusion in healthtech

Diversity, inclusion, equality and accessibility are at the core of One HealthTech. However, there are also incredible innovations, technologies and approaches we see emerging. Hear from dynamic individuals and organisations who are really driving equity in health through amazing tech and initiatives.

New Collaborations

No single organisation has all the top tech solutions; we need to think carefully about how to collaborate. Where some organisations have data, others have skills, some have capital and others have resources. How can we do what’s right; make use of every organisations’ assets to get the best solutions from new collaborations, so it works for everyone?

Spread and scale of innovations

Is there enough funding for healthtech start-ups? If so, is investment really helping start-ups to spread and scale innovations across systems to demonstrate real benefits to patients? From blitz scaling to creating patient-led movements, how can we spread innovations and drive uptake of the right technologies at scale? Hear about intriguing business models, what it’s like to scale and why M&A is the new R&D.

The "Feel-Good" Track

Whilst the conference will be alternating between two rooms and two tracks (Technical and Non-technical), we'll also have a "Feel-Good" track running the whole day.

This will host interactive sessions, leadership talks, a failcon and a smorgasbord where we get to learn how the healthtech community does what it does so well

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