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Content for the conference is made up of:

  1. OHT Volunteers

  2. Community-generated content

  3. Expert Views

We really believe in being a sum of our parts, and making sure cliques and bubbles don't emerge. So, we're inviting the community to Suggest a Session or put forward stellar speakers (including themselves).

Have you got some amazing voices not often heard up your sleeve? 

Can you think of a whacky-doodle session on healthtech?

Can you bring interactivity to a whole new level!?

Are you and your pals just really good at explaining things?

We'd love to hear from you! 

Complete the form below and if we like the look of it we'll get in contact! So do your best to whet our appetite! Never fear, there's plenty of time to refine and improve your initial suggestion so don't stress too much on making it perfect. 

We will be reviewing this on a continuous basis until the agenda is complete. 

We are particularly keen to hear about interesting, creative and interactive workshops as well as fab people "not on the circuit".


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