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Fees & Reimbursement Policy

Do you pay speakers?

We've thought SO hard about this! As this is our community fundraiser, overall, we are not paying speakers/chairs/panellists. This event is volunteer-led (though we have hired a female-led small production company to ensure the volunteer-led bit does not result in sloppy logistics). We however appreciate that some people are freelance/independent/can't afford to simply gift their time, and therefore why the hell would you give your time for free?! If this is the case, we are more than happy to discuss further and will be very respectful of this request. Please email if you require a fee. For every speaker fee not requested however, we are "donating" x2 tickets to individuals who otherwise could not attend the event and who is from an under-represented group through our Accessibility Ticketing scheme. We don't want you to feel like we are taking advantage, so as a community we thought this might be a nice compromise.

Do you cover expenses?

Where individuals are not part of larger organisations that usually cover costs like transport to conferences, we are happy to cover reasonable travel (no stretch limos from Land's End I'm afraid). In addition, in line with the One HealthTech Accessibility Fund we are acutely aware that individuals (mostly women) incur costs above and beyond travel, particularly care. If your attendance as a speaker/panellist/chair results in you requiring additional childcare for example, please do request contribution to covering these costs. This is not limited to childcare.


Will my session be recorded?

We are hoping to record all elements of the conference and strongly strongly encourage all speakers to make any slides openly available. As a federated community, access to resources beyond being immediately present, in-person is very important to us. If for whatever reason you do not want to be recorded, please let us know, however please note this is at odds with the community's openness and sharing ethos.

I have further questions, who do I contact?

Please contact Maxine Mackintosh at with any additional queries you have

What is your approach to diversity amongst your speakers?

THIS IS LITERALLY WHAT WE DO! We particularly promote women, BAME individuals and those from under-represented backgrounds as an organisation. The majority of our speakers will be female, and we are working very hard to get a diverse mix of famous faces and new faces. We take an intersectional approach to diversity so please do not be quick to judge someone by their physical appearance. If they are up here, they're their for a reason, and we leave it up to speakers as to whether they feel they want to discuss their disability, sexuality, religion etc. Please also check out our Values & Inclusion and Code of Conduct


Where is the event?

The event will be held at Friend's House near Euston station. We have chosen this venue in part because it is a Quaker house and therefore absolutely exploding with good practice, ethically-sourced food, gender-neutral toilets and is fully accessible. Please check out more details here

Do I have to attend the whole day?

We are incredibly grateful for your time, so we of course cannot ask for you to attend anything more than your session. However, you are more than welcome to attend as much or as little as what works for you, and we hope that the whole day is insightful for everyone. In an ideal world though we would really love you to stay for the next break after your session. Many people will want to speak to you and not just hear from you, so milling around in the break after your session is a lovely way for everyone to get that more 1-on-1 time

How do I send over my details (e.g. Headshot, Job title, Bio etc)

All this information is being collected on the form below. Closer to the event we will double check all the information is up-to-date. If you have any issues submitting information (particularly headshots), please email them to

How early do I have to arrive?

Obviously it would be great to have you for the day, but as you're all busy bees, please arrive no less than at the START of the break prior to your session. This allows all the speakers to meet one another, sort out logistics etc. It also prevents us from having heart attacks. Which is a good thing

Where do I go on the day?

Just turn up to the main entrance at Friends House and one of our lovely volunteers will welcome you and direct you to where you need to go. Friends House is opposite Euston station on the south side of Euston road.

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