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Why are you charging for tickets?

The One HealthTech community has largely volunteer-led for a number of years. All our events and activities are free. This is really important to us, as accessibility is also enormously affected by cost barriers. Over the years we have played around with different commercial models to make OHT sustainable. This has been challenging as we do not want to change what makes OHT so brilliant. Therefore, we are hosting this event as a beautiful consolidation of the community, however this will also act as our annual community fundraiser that will help us grow, by hiring dedicated employees to drive OHT's impact.

I can't afford the tickets, what options are there?

We have a number of discounts available through our community partners, as well as discounts for public sector/entrepeneurs and freelancers. However, for many this will still be too much. Apply for our Accessibility Tickets where you can apply for a full discount or partial discount. The deadline is 13th March.

Can you refund my ticket after it has been bought?

Unfortunately we are unable to do this, however, if you are able to find someone to directly swap with, we will happily update the details accordingly

I'm not eligible for discounted tickets, but my company won't pay, what can I do?

We appreciate that not all companies support employees at all levels to go and explore great events and meet nice people. We are sorry about this. That sucks. If you are working in a big company and they won't cover this ticket, let us know at and we will see what we can do

Inclusion & Accessibility

Can I bring my kids?

Yes! We welcome any family members, be it children or your granny. We do not currently plan to have a creche on site, however, we hope that we create a welcoming enough environment that you feel comfortable with your children at the event

Is the venue accessibilie to wheelchair users?

Yes! We specifically chose Friends House because accessibility was at the core of how their venue operates. The event is fully wheelchair accessible

I'm hard of hearing, will the event be live-captioned?

Yes, we recognise that for those who have hearing difficulties, as well as those who don't, live-captioning is very valuable. The event will be live-captioned

I have specific requirements, can you help?

If you are unsure if this event will work for you for whatever reason, just drop us an email at and we will do our best to help you out

Do you have quiet/prayer space?

Yes! Friends house has an amazing multi-faith prayer room which is great if you just want to sit down, close your eyes and be still for a moment - to pray or just chillout. You do you

How can I communicate my needs with other attendees?

All attendees get to decorate and label their own name badges with their pronouns, languages, specific needs, or just your name and Twitter handle in funky colours. We leave it open to you!

Do you have a Code of Conduct?

Yes, we definitely do! All helpers and organisers will be briefed on its enforcement, and all attnedees will be directed to its content to ensure this event is a happy place for everyone. Please let us know if there are any issues in advance of the event via Check out our Values and Code of Conduct pages.

About the event

What's happening on social media?

Please use the hashtag #HoHT20 and do follow @One_HealthTech, us, the organisers of the event. We will be constantly announcing new speakers, opportunities and information via our Twitter account

What are the timings of the event?

We are conscious of the fact peak trains are horrendously expensive. As a result, the main conference does not start until 10am, however there is a pre-conference event that is open to anyone should you want to start your day nice and early! Pre-event: From 08:00 Main event registration opens at 09:30 Conference ends at 17:30 Post-conference drinks and the OHT London summer party kicks off at 17:45

Who organises this event?

The event is largely organised by the One HealthTech community, and specifically a small team of volunteers. To ensure the event has the volunteers' heart and soul, but also the slick professionalism to have a valuable time, Clockwork Conferences is also supporting this event on the production side. Check out our Team page to see who's involved.

What should I wear?

Whilst this is technically a work day, we encourage casual clothes. Jeans, trainers etc, you name it. Whatever you are most comfortable in. We aren't aiming for a heels, pencil-skirt and suit kinda event, put it that way...But if you're a heels and pencil-skirt kinda gal, you do you

What's included in the ticket price?

Everything! Food, teas and coffees, WiFi etc. You won't need anything more on you on the day in order to enjoy the fullsome of Humans of HealthTech. You can also apply for a discount via our Accessibility Fund to your ticket if travel, care needs etc are pricey and therefore we could help with some off-setting

How can I contribute to the programme?

We are KEEN BEANS to have "not-the-usual-suspects" on stage, as well as a really diverse line-up. If you have something to contribute, or want to recommend an amazing, but lesser-known speaker, check out our Suggest A Session page. We'd love to hear from you! We review this on a rolling basis.


Do you pay speakers?

This event is the One HealthTech community's fundraiser, so whilst we charge for tickets, it's all going to support the community to ensure a more diverse and inclusive healthtech sector. We generally do not pay speakers, and are SUPER grateful for the gift of their time. If there is any support in kind we can provide, we will bend over backwards to make it up to you, as a thank you from the community. We are covering expenses, travel and childcare for speakers who require it.

What sorts of companies are sponsoring the event?

We are working with a ride range of organisations to make this event as fantastic as possible. Different companies have different reasons why they want to engage in this event. We try to be as transparent as possible with the community so everyone feels happy. Sponsors are a crucial part of this fundraising activity, and without them, we wouldn't be able to come together.

Do you have a code of ethics on companies you work with?

Healthcare is a very ethically contentious sector to work in as a private company. There will almost always be a pay-off and as a result, most organisations working in the healthtech space, depending on what lense you look at them in, will have done something questionable in the past. We try to work with good, kind people, and separate that from the big companies they work in. We ask that attendees respect different people have diferent moral and ethical boundaries and that great people can work in controversial companies

What are the event profits being spent on?

All proceeds will go towards hiring a Managing Director and Community Manager for One HealthTech, plus additional running costs. OHT has some big plans, so thank you so much for helping realise these. Interested in applying for one of these roles? Watch this space!

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