Accessibility is at the core of the One HealthTech community, and of course, that also includes pennies, moolah, dosh.
One HealthTech launched an Accessibility Fund in 2019 to help individuals attend meetups by covering the cost of accessibility barriers.  It's been a roaring success and we will be carrying this on for all the community's Hub meetups. 
Humans of HealthTech is our fundraiser, as well as being an AWESOME bringer-together of the community, but we would hate for those two to clash too much.
As a result, please apply for a % discount (including 100% discounts). We don't know yet how many, it depends how generous our sponsors are. But we would like to have lots! This can also be used to offset extensive costs of travel and/or care needs you require in order to attend. 
Please apply by filling out the form below.
The deadline is Friday 13th March, 17:00 GMT. 

Tips for upping your chances of getting a discounted/free ticket:

  1. Please fill out the demographic information if you are comfortable doing so. We are a community that has diversity at its core so we will tend to prioritise individuals from under-represented backgrounds

  2. Who are we to judge your financial situation! Whilst we want to hear why it's a barrier in order to understand a bit more, there are not "better" or "worse" reasons

  3. You have a higher chance of being given a discount if you do not ask for 100% off. We know everyone would want a free ticket, but have a think about really what is comfortably affordable (or what sits below an acceptable threshold for you or your employer).

From our experience, we know sometimes, these forms can contain sensitive information. A small committee of OHT volunteers will be reviewing applications. If you are uncomfortable with this, please email Maxine (maxine[at]onehealthtech[dot]com) and she will manage your request individually and discretely. 

Are you female/non-binary/other
Are you BAME?
Do you consider yourself to have a disability?
Are you LGBTQ+?

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