Healthtech is the best sector to work in (but we would say that).

However, for an area that is all about innovating, saving lives, making people healthier and happier, we don't feel there is much in terms of gatherings that give the community a wonderful combination of deep technical insights, inspiring stories and ultra-fun activities over which to meet one another. All topped-off by hearing from usually under-represented groups in the sector.

That is, until we got involved...

The One HealthTech community is thrilled to present our annual bonanza: Humans of HealthTech!

About One HealthTech

One HealthTech is a volunteer-led, federated, grassroots community that supports and promotes under-represented groups to be future leaders in healthcare.


The community started in early 2016, and has since grown to 17 international Hubs, with 13,000 Contributors, lead by over 50 volunteers who work tirelessly to curate their local, inclusive, healthtech ecosystem. 

The community runs meetups, profiles amazing diverse people, offers mentorship, shares opportunities, events and jobs and generally looks to give those new and old to the sector, a diverse, warm and welcoming community to tap into.

Why Humans of HealthTech?

Meetups have been a big part of the One HealthTech community (get a flavour by searching #OHT19 on Twitter). However, ever since we started, we have received a steady stream of requests to run a bigger event to congregate the community around.



Every month we run a Human of the Month in the One HealthTech newsletter and showcase senior, junior, clinical, techy, young, old - you name it - Humans of HealthTech.


So we thought we'd name it after those people.


The humans who are innovating and driving change in health, care and life sciences, but doing it in their own true, authentic, weird and wonderful way. 

For the young and young-at-heart, Humans of HealthTech looks to build on the amazing traction the One HealthTech community has had to date.

We plan to knock your socks off with the quality and caliber of speakers, sessions and attendees. And not because we'll get more women, BAME, LGBTQ+ and other under-represented groups in one room than you can shake a stick at. No my friend. That is just the start. 

Because we'll get the people who both really know their stuff, and carry out their expertise with raw kindness. 

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